The National Pediatric Palliative Care Task Force, an initiative of the National Coalition of Hospice and Palliative Care, hosted its 2nd annual convening in Chicago this summer. There were lots of hugs and high fives to go around, as this talented group of multi-disciplinary PPC leaders came together in-person for the first time since the Task Force was founded in late 2020. The meeting kicked off with a recognition and celebration of Task Force activities and achievements to date followed by time spent visioning for the future. The Task Force will continue to effectively advance access to pediatric palliative care by advocating, developing partnerships, assessing needs, and serving as subject matter experts to national organizations and national policy makers.   

Interested in learning more? You can download a timeline of progress and sign up for periodic Task Force updates here. 

NCPPC Task Force

The NCPPC task force met in Chicago recently to convene the talented group of multi-disciplinary PPC leaders. Visit our task force members page.