Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy

Our strategic plan serves as the guidance for our recommendations, letters, and testimony, which are developed by Coalition members as consensus-based messages for legislators, regulators, and policy makers. The purpose is to advance equitable access to quality care for serious illness.

We work together to present a united voice to the public and policy makers in order to improve the care of people with serious or life-limiting illnesses. We believe as a coalition our best role is to convene, advocate and streamline access and information regarding innovative and inclusive best practices and quality standards.

Recent Recommendations

Our coalition seeks to present a united, yet diverse voice to Congress and the Administration on behalf of providers and other professionals who are interested in advocating for equitable healthcare policies and programs that will improve the care of patients and families living with serious or life-threatening illnesses. As you consider healthcare legislation, we urge you to consider the impacts of these policies on diverse communities and the imperative to reduce health inequities and disparities.


Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care, 4th edition

Create a blueprint for excellence by establishing a comprehensive foundation for gold-standard palliative care, including evidence-based processes and practices for providing safe and reliable high-quality care for all people living with serious illness, regardless of their diagnosis, prognosis, age or where they live or receive care.

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The Coalition serves as a place where individuals from all fields relating to hospice and palliative care can come together and engage in dialogue, share their perspectives and best practices to help the field and their care recipients improve and thrive in one of the most difficult moments of life.

Brynn Bowman, MPA
Board Director,

CEO, Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC)