Coalition Statement: Recent Supreme Court Decision, Dobbs Vs. Jackson

Last week, the Supreme Court eliminated guaranteed access to medical care for millions of people, including some patients living with serious illness.

The adverse impact on access to healthcare cannot be overstated. The Coalition strongly believes health care decisions should be made between patients and their healthcare providers. Historically disadvantaged and marginalized people will have even less access to high quality healthcare then they do now due to the restrictive state laws going into effect.

The Supreme Court’s decision is contrary to important Coalition values: the rights of people to have equitable access to person centered care, privacy, autonomy, and personal decision-making. These are fundamental elements, as a Coalition and as a field, that we hold dear. The Coalition joins with other health care organizations to oppose government intrusion into medicine and healthcare that impedes access to safe, evidence-based health care services. Our Coalition will always look to strengthen health care policies that help people with serious illness and support all health professionals who care for them.

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