BREAKING: NIH NIA Announces Consortium for Palliative Care Research Across the Lifespan

The Coalition is pleased to share the groundbreaking new development in research funding for palliative care:

The Coalition, our members, and our partners have worked for several years to initiate a combined strategic approach for research advocacy which has led to a new trans-institute consortium for palliative care research across the lifespan that will support coordinated research and the scientific workforce. The announcement below was published by NIA to introduce the approved concept for a new consortium. Also, included below is a link to an announcement for a notice of intent to publish a funding opportunity. The new Consortium for Palliative Care Research Across the Lifespan will bring together coordinated research and funding opportunities for the field.

“The announcement from NIH is monumental for the science of palliative care. For the first time, there will be a cross-NIH Insitute structure to coordinate research focused on persons with serious illness and their families across the life span,” said Sean Morrison, MD, Director, National Palliative Care Research Center. “It also incorporates the successful programs of the National Palliative Care Research Center and the Palliative Care Research Cooperative into a sustainable research infrastructure. I am extraordinarily grateful for the investment of all of the participating Institutes in this initiative and particularly for the leadership of the National Institute on Aging.”

The following concept was approved by the National Institutes of Health NIA National Advisory Council on Aging (NACA) earlier this month and has the potential to become future Notices of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs).

Consortium for Palliative Care Research Across the Lifespan

NIH/NIA has announced the following: Palliative care is active holistic interdisciplinary care focused on improving quality of life for persons with serious illness across the lifespan and their families and caregivers.

We aim to establish a Consortium for Palliative Care Research Across the Lifespan that expands and intensifies palliative care research across NIH. The proposed consortium will be supported through a cooperative agreement that allows for multiple cores, involvement from project scientists across NIH, and encourages interaction with other NIA- and NIH-supported networks and centers. The overall consortium goals include:

  • creating new scientific knowledge, in part through supporting pilot and exploratory studies;
  • fostering development of early- and mid-career investigators;
  • serving as a national platform to provide research resources and facilitate high-quality research;
  • engaging health care systems and community-based organizations as research partners and settings;
  • and disseminating research findings, best practices, data, and other impactful resources to the research and clinical communities.
  • an important focus will be research that addresses disparities in access, quality, and use of palliative care services for underserved populations.

NIH/NIA then followed up this announcement with the following detailed description of up to $10 million of research funding to be released in FY24 with applications beginning before the end of the year.

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