Coalition Letter: Opposition to Medicare Hospice Benefit Policy Changes

Coalition Submits Letter to Congressional Leaders Re: Opposition to Medicare hospice benefit policy changes that threaten access to careĀ 

On December 7, 2023, the Coalition submitted a letter to Congressional leaders to write to express our concerns about the prospects of disruptive Medicare hospice benefit (MHB) policy changes that are being considered for inclusion in a year-end legislative package. A specific change that would be especially problematic is a reduction of the hospice aggregate payment cap. At a time when the demand and need for high-quality end-of-life (EOL) care has never been greater, we are concerned an untargeted hospice payment cut would reduce access to compassionate care for some of the most at-risk patients and families. The mission of the Coalition is to improve the care of people with serious or life-limiting illnesses by convening the field, advocating for equitable policies and improved health outcomes, establishing best practices, and sharing resources.

Coalition Hospice Cap letter 12 7 22



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