What We Believe

National Coalition Pediatric Palliative Care Task Force


Our Vision

Equitable access to high-quality pediatric palliative care for everyone.

Our Mission 

Activate interdisciplinary collaborations and create real-world solutions to continuously improve access to pediatric palliative care.

Our Goals

• Establish a permanent presence of interdisciplinary pediatric palliative care leaders within the Coalition.

• Continuously delineate key priorities to improve access to pediatric palliative care.

• Galvanize crucial stakeholders, organizations and resources to continuously target these priorities.

Forge ongoing collaborations across the field of pediatric palliative care to build capacity, align resources, and overcome barriers to pediatric palliative care.

… As we move forward, our work will focus on setting priorities, bringing together stakeholders and resources, and ultimately creating sustainable partnerships that increase access across settings and address the capacity, geographic, and financial challenges that can impede care.

Rachel Thienprayoon, MD & Cheryl Ann Thaxton, DNP

PPC Task Force Co-chairs