On May 1, the Palliative Care Quality Collaborative (PCQC), joined the Coalition as its 13th Member in the Coalition dedicated to improving the care of patients and families living with serious or life-threatening illness. The PCQC is a new 501c3 palliative care organization, formed to create a unified national palliative care registry, combining the Global Palliative Care Quality Alliance, the National Palliative Care Registry™, and the Palliative Care Quality Network. Merging the best aspects of each palliative care registry, PCQC will collect program-level data on structure and process and patient-level data to drive quality improvement and reporting. The goal of PCQC is to improve the care and well-being of people with serious illness and their caregivers by delivering timely and useful patient- and program-centered data that identifies and promotes best practices through quality improvement, research and a supportive community of practice and supports accreditation, accountability, and benchmarking. The Coalition looks forward to working with its’ newest member on a variety of quality related projects and utilizing the expertise of its leadership in Coalition quality and advocacy initiatives.